Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signs, Take Four: Little Questions

I've been house-sitting for this place since November, on and off. I've wandered the "yard" several times, but had never caught this little sign before.


... Paige said...

that is too funny

word verification:


what is a slap ate?

Elraen said...

*laughs* Wow... I should just start wandering campus and sticking in little signs like that... :-P No, I wouldn't seriously do that, but I think it's funny.

Sara said...

Raen--you should! That would be awesome :P I love that it's the wrong form of who--and there isn't a question mark--there's the editor in me :)

Paige--I think the question is what did the slap ate?

MangyCat said...

Totally, Nia! I noticed that right away. It should be "who's" for "who is". :oP